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Canine Massage Guild
Results You Can See & Your Dog Can Feel!

Welcome to the Canine Massage Guild, a network of highly skilled Professional Clinical Canine Massage Practitioners specialising in soft tissue injuries and orthopaedic issue management.

Give us just 1-3 sessions with your dog for visible improvement to their mobility and quality of life! Visit our Therapist Register to find a Canine Massage Therapist in your area to help your dog get back on their feet...

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I thought I would have to retire Ben from agility due to an injury we couldn’t get to the bottom of. After just 3 massages and a steady return, Ben just got got into Grade 6! Couldn’t be more delighted!”

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UK-Wide & International Network

Canine Massage Guild boasts the largest network of therapists in the UK.
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Canine Massag Guild | UK-wide network of canine massage therapists

Veterinary Information

Canine Massage Guild Vet Referral

If you are a vet interested to see if Clinical Canine Massage is suitable to refer your patients or cases to, simply click here for more detailed information.

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Harry had been holding his leg up for 3 weeks after his op. After just 1 session he was able to use his leg and walk again. We were over the moon”