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Welcome to the Canine Massage Guild, a network of highly skilled Professional Therapeutic Canine Massage Practitioners specialising in soft tissue injuries and orthopaedic issue management.

Give us just 1-3 sessions with your dog for visible improvement to their mobilty and quality of life!

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Mickey completely relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and attention. Helen handled him perfectly, with gentleness and confidence. There was an improvement in Mickeys condition after the first treatment. He is now keen to go for 2 gentle walks a day.


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Gracilis myopathy GSD

Gracilis Myopathy

Definition Gracilis Myopathy – The Gracilis – a muscle in the hind leg. Myopathy – disease or abnormality. The condition, Gracilis Myopathy also known as Contracture, can be difficult to confirm due to the symptoms being close to that of other more common conditions of the hind limb. Some breeds, for example German Shepherds, are […]

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Canine Massage Agility team Scotland

Team Scotland Understand the Importance of Taking Their Guild Massage Therapist To The World Agility Open

World Agility Open From A Canine Massage Therapists Role It seems so far away now since I headed down south to Buckinghamshire on the 10th of May for the World Agility Open Championships. This was a great opportunity for me to mix two of my passions: Dog Agility and Canine Massage Therapy. Saying that, it was […]

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Our beloved Cairn Terrier, Tim (11-yrs-old) is a regular guest at Dale’s when he is poorly or I am away and he loves staying with his friends Goose and Hobby. Dale has really helped with his arthritic pelvis and his “old man” stiff joints. Aunty Dale takes him for safe walks on Newmarket Heath too. He always looks so excited when we pull up and so much happier in himself when Dale has treated him.