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Agnès Campan

Agnès Campan

AgnèsAgnes Logo Areas Covered:  Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Morayshire, Kincardine and Angus with regular clinics in Huntly, Netherley, Portlethen (K9 Health Centre), Foveron (AVR) and Forfar (K9 Health Centre)   Tel: 07818 207814 Email: Website: Facebook:

About the therapist

With CANINE Pawsibilities I can finally combine two of my passions: developing a bond between a dog and its owner and improving the well-being of dogs.

All canine massage therapy sessions are ran by myself. Being an experienced and successful dog agility trainer and competitor, a canine fitness trainer as well as a professionally qualified canine massage therapist, I combine my knowledge of all disciplines to:

  • better analyse the muscular issues that may be affecting your dog, including sport dogs and show dogs and provide the most appropriate Canine Massage Therapy sessions
  • develop training programmes that can be adapted to the physical abilities of your dog. I often include proprioception and canine conditioning exercises to the training program
  • support you in following the rehabilitation program developed by your canine orthopaedist surgeon or physiotherapist whilst making the experience much more enjoyable for your dog and you.


Balou, Border Collie, Rehabilitation phase following a corpectomy

"I was extremely happy of the progress Balou was having after each session. He was more mobile, happier and started to engage in playing with other dogs. I am convinced that the massage therapy has played an important part in speeding up his recovery."

Kathy Coppens (Veterinary Surgeon)

Nan, Border Collie, unexplained  pain

"I was surprised not only of the physical and behavioral improvements of Nan after just one session but also by the speed of changes. Nan can now wag her tail freely, her temper with other dogs has dramatically improved and she is clearly in less  pain: she is willingly jumping low fences or in the car and crawling under gates which she had never done for years. I wish I had discovered Canine Massage Therapy earlier in Nan's life."

Joan Austin

Archie, Bassett Hound, Short Ulna Syndrome

"Archie was much happier when he got home and he was in a mood to be active. The next day he doubled the maximum walking distance he had done in days before turning for home. Agnès was calm and controlled during the sessions, she was kind and tender with Archie and very responsive to his movements and signals"

Laura Cartney