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Alison Pearce


Address: Newbury.   Covering Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire & Wiltshire
Tel: 07989 396369

About the Therapist

I first became interested in Canine Massage when one of our agility dogs was injured and was treated by a Canine Massage Therapist. Our oldest arthritic dog also benefitted from treatment. As my interest grew I realised this could be the start of a new career, and I began the two year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner course with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. 

I now offer a mobile service treating dogs in their own homes, covering a wide area around Newbury, including Swindon, Oxford, Basingstoke and Reading.  I treat dogs from all walks of life including family pets, loyal companions, agility and flyball athletes, and working dogs from the gundog, sheepdog and search & rescue worlds.

My previous career was in rescue centres, where I have handled and rehomed hundreds of dogs of different breeds, ages and characters. My own dogs have taught me a lot, with their different personalities, physical shapes, medical issues and training challenges.

I have competed in agility since 2005 with 5 different dogs taking me from Elementary (now called Grade 1) to Grade 6. My young Border Collie, Herbie, qualified for the Novice Cup agility at Crufts 2018 and finished second overall. We have qualified again for the same competition at Crufts 2019. 

I also take part in canicross, scentwork and herding, and have attended many canine behaviour and training seminars.


£35 per treatment (there may be a charge for travel over 15 miles)


Penny and Pickle (Tibetan Terriers)

Alison worked in a professional manner with both dogs. She was caring and responded to them compassionately when she found a sore place.

With Penny (12 years old) I was hopeful that Alison would help the problems due to two cruciate operations in 6 months, obvious pain and persistent hopping on 3 legs. After massage Penny is much improved, her movement is balanced and her hopping has ceased. Once again she rules the roost amongst the dogs.

Pickle (8 years old) had two problems, muscle trauma due to her slipping patella and nervousness. After treatment her patella is more contained and hardly ever slips out. The amazing thing was the change in her confidence, she initiates play with her younger sister, her tail stays up around the house and garden, it does still drop on walks but she no longer tries to find the shortest route home. A real success!

Jane, Penny and Pickle

Tess and Tadpole (Border Collies)

Tess (14 years old) was very relaxed following her sessions and showed less stiffness when first getting up and moving about. Tadpole (7 years old) is a working sheepdog, who had been showing some stiffness and periodic lameness. Tadpole is greatly improved and most notably now does a beautiful cat stretch, followed by a nose to tail shake which I hadn’t realised he had not been doing for some time. One negative with Tadpole is he now feels he is invincible when working the sheep!

Freddie, Tess and Tadpole

Malcolm (6 year old Husky x German Shepherd Dog)

Alison handled him confidently, a must when it comes to Malcolm, with no hesitation but a carefulness that ensured he was happy with the treatment. I would not hesitate to trust Alison with him again. Since the final treatment I have noticed less sensitivity in his hips and lower back.

Jen and Malcolm

Gimli (14 year old Belgian Shepherd Dog)

Gimli was just generally stiff beforehand, with intermittent lameness on one front leg. This disappeared and his movement is freer. He is also happier to go upstairs.

Sue and Gimli