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Amanda Ainsworth

Hound Help

Areas covered - Surrey & Surrounding Counties incl  South West London

Tel: 07740 741314



About the Therapist

Based in Ewell, Surrey; I trained for 2 years (over 800 hours of study), I am fully insured and continually update my training and professional development. I have been involved in animal welfare all my life and for the past 22 years I have worked and volunteered in dog rescue and rehoming. During this time I studied behavior, training and nutrition and believe that many behavioral issues can be a result of a dog being in pain or discomfort, quite often this is not from an obvious injury.

I provide a high-quality professional service and compassionate care to all my clients, operating from my Studio in Ewell. The Studio provides a safe and nurturing environment for both dog and owner to relax, allowing me to really get to know and understand my clients. I am, however, happy to travel to owners’ homes if they have difficulty in bring their dogs to me or feel the dog will have difficulty settling in a new environment.

Canine Massage is an affordable treatment that not only assists dogs and their owners through recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation, it can also be used in preventative healthcare; helping dogs to maintain a happy and healthy live. By working closely with vets, physios and other therapists in a multimodal approach we can achieve the best possible results for the welfare of the dogs we treat.

Improving the quality of life for every dog I treat


£30 for a Studio session, £40 for a Home session


Ozzie – German Shepherd

I have never seen Ozzie relax into something so much before and it was a lovely feeling to know that Amanda was helping my boy. My thanks to her for her kindness and professionalism.


Maggie – Lakeland Terrier

Amanda was very focused, reassuring, patient and calming, during the first session Maggie was unsettled and fidgety but by the last (third) session she was completely relaxed. The stiffness in the joint has eased and Maggie is walking without a limp.


Muttley – Whippet X

I was keen to try canine massage, my dog Muttley is always throwing himself about and injuring himself. He has also slowed down and I hoped that he would feel better and I would know more about his problems.

Muttley really seemed to enjoy the massages, he was relaxed and happy but he reacted to pain points.

Amanda was confident and gentle with Muttley, he was very relaxed after the treatments and full of beans the next day, I understand Muttley better, his aches and pains. Thank you, Amanda


Dilly – Terrier X

I was quite bemused as to how massage would work, Dilly is quite a live wire and I couldn’t imagine her lying still for any length of time to get the benefits.

I was very surprised at how Dilly responded! She was surprisingly calm and co-operative most of the time, Amanda was brilliant with her and Dilly really liked her and her calm approach when being handled. Amanda was very patient at all times with Dilly even at times when Dilly wasn’t co-operating fully.

Dilly has been very chilled and relaxed as a result of the treatments, after the first massage she was very unlike her normal manic self and was very chilled. She was less reactive too; both outside and indoors. It was lovely to see her completely relaxed in the evening and not her manic self; chasing in and out of the garden and generally on the go the rest of the time! I hope it continues


Ralph – Terrier X

I was interested in massage and optimistic that it would be of benefit to Ralph, I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed Ralph was during the treatment sessions; at certain points, he was almost asleep which was lovely to see.

<h2?Amanda was brilliant in her approach to Ralph, he can be a nervous dog due to his history but he was completely relaxed and compliant with her always and she was very calm and reassuring with him.

He has been amazing, after the first session there was a remarkable improvement in Ralph’s overall demeanour and energy levels. This has continued throughout the treatments and it is lovely to see him get his ‘mojo’ back and to be running freely again. I can’t thank Amanda enough, massage has surpassed my expectations in such a short time.