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Born to Run Canine Massage

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Address:  Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Phone: 07730 133134



About the Therapist

Growing up I knew nothing of canine medical conditions or disease because our dogs were never ill. Our dogs, ‘our family’, weren’t socialised with groups of other dogs and so I wasn’t exposed to the ‘dog world’ in the same way as many other people.

It wasn’t until I fell for the beauty and challenge of the Siberian Husky over 10 years ago that I truly began to understand canine behaviour and breed specific needs.

Socialising with other dog owners began to open up a whole new world of discovery, of possibilities and opportunities.

…..and then I heard about Clinical Massage.

I have to be honest my immediate thought was ‘massage for dogs, are you completely mad?’
Seeking proof I decided to have my own dog Storm treated as he had a ‘twitchy back’. His neck was jammed and he was suffering from myofascial pain and had trigger points dotted along his spine bilaterally. Ouch!

‘I thought he was lazy when he began to slow down. He was just 3yrs old.’

He was much more mobile, happier and playful after 3 sessions with a guild therapist that I had to learn more. There are many courses out there but I have a penchant for science and after much research I decided my avenue to excel would be with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. The rest as they say is history.

Of course my work and my learning is never done. As a member of the Canine Massage Guild I have attended a multitude of eye opening and jaw dropping CPD courses including canine specific bodywork over the years and now have over 70 canine specific clinical massage techniques at my disposal.

I am trained read to the sometimes very subtle signs of pain and discomfort in dogs and am grateful and privileged to be in a position to help.

‘Your dog can't tell you when they are in pain but I can.’

My clinic is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and my specialities include:-

  • Facilitated Stretching- fantastic to rehabilitate muscle and for the sporting dog
  • Lymphatic Drainage - a must for post op recovery to reduce the risk and extent of oedema (swelling)

Public Appearances:-

  • UK Health Radio Interview with Vince the Vet
  • All About Dogs (Essex and Suffolk) – Ring Demonstrations & Talks
  • Festival of Dogs (Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk) – Ring Demonstrations & Talks
  • Suffolk Dog Day – Ring Demonstrations & Talks
  • The Dog Extravaganza (Stonham Barns) – Ring Demonstrations & Talks

If you would like to book me for your show/venue please use the Contact Form on my website


Initial Consultation - £40.00

Subsequent Sessions - £35.00*

*On the rare occasion I am requested to travel to a client there will be an additional fuel surcharge added. This is agreed at the time of booking.

Very pleased with the Clinical Canine Massage Services Angela provides through 'Born To Run Massage'. Friendly and Professional Angela was very calm and in control even though my dog wasn't the most compliant of patients!

I loved Angela's kind confidence in handling my over-the-top crazy dog! From a massage perspective and seeing results............... WOW 2 sessions and my dog is so much more mobile and fluent in her movement! I finally feel confident in letting my dog off lead again for a run around without the worry that she may be too stiff or lame afterwards. Thank you Angela.

Gemma and Mocha – Suffolk

I would like to give you some feedback about the fantastic job you done with Milou. Born to Run Massage has made a huge difference to Milou (4yr old ChihuahuaX) who is a very active dog and a keen cani-cross runner. Milou has a few issues with her pelvis which leaves her with some tight muscles in her back and makes her feel uncomfortable. So needs some help to release the knots from time to time.

I love the home service that Born to Run provides. The dogs find it so much easier to relax in their own home. Angela is so calm and gentle with the dogs and makes you feel really relaxed which helps the dog also, I almost fell asleep myself just watching her work. Milou really enjoyed her massage and loved all the attentioned. Angela took great care whilst working on the dog and when Milou was starting to feel uncomfortable she made sure to take a little break and concentrated on a different area for while. Which Milou took full advantage off and kept rolling on her back for another tummy rub.

Milou had 2 sessions with Angela and it made a big difference. Milou is enjoying her cani-cross runs again and has a lovely swing in her back again and is moving much more freely now.

I always recommend Angela to anyone whose dog shows some discomfort or is feeling a little tight in the joints.

Thank you from me and Milou

Cindy and Milou – Norfolk

My 3.5 year old cavapoo was showing signs of being uncomfortable when moving around. He seemed to be stiff when walking and would avoid play with other dogs. Straight away he took to Angela and allowed her to work on him. After one treatment he seemed much more comfortable and was almost smiling as he zoomed around the room! He held his head higher and no longer had a robotic stiffness when he walked. At his second treatment, Angela was able to free off a lot more trigger points as he was much more supple since the initial treatment. Since this second treatment he has been like a puppy again, charging around and engaging in play with his friends. He no longer seems to be ‘protecting’ himself when near to other dogs. I can’t thank Angela enough as the treatment really has transformed his quality of life. We will definitely be back for ‘maintenance’ sessions!’

Tracey and Ozzie, Cambridgeshire