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Bring your dog to a show for a FREE Muscular Health Check!

Canine Massage Muscle Check
For your dogs FREE Muscular Health Check  click here  and see when your local therapist will be at an event in your area.

A free muscular health check takes between 5-10 minutes and can help you to truly understand how muscular problems such as Strains and Trigger Points can make your dog seem old before their time, cause performance issues and common lameness problems.

The good news is that just 1-3 sessions with your local practitioner can make a huge difference to your dogs mobility and capability quite often helping to resolve common lameness and performance issues.

We can also help to support Orthopaedic conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia with often profound results being achieved in a short space of time.

Depending on your therapist a session costs between £30-£40 making this results driven therapy affordable for every owner. Canine Massage Guild – RESULTS YOU CAN SEE AND YOUR DOG CAN FEEL!

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