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How Show Dogs SHOW they have Muscular pain

Showing can be an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby for both you and your dog. The judge is looking to ensure that your dog fits the breed standard, has the correct breed conformation, is healthy, in good condition, has the correct temperament and character for the specific breed, and that the gait/movement is fluid with plenty […]

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Panosteitis and Canine Massage

Overview of Panosteitis Panosteitis (Pano) is often referred to as Growing Pains and affects the long bones of the dog – Humerus, Ulna, Radius, Femur, Fibula and Tibia. It is generally found to affect medium to larger breeds of dog i.e. Dobermann, GSD, Retrievers, Great Danes etc. during their growing stages -normally between the ages […]

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Canine Massage and The Senior or Ageing Dog

“As far as we know not a single living thing is spared the phenomenon of growing old. Consequently, growing old well is something that preoccupies all of us. So it will hardly come as a surprise that we also worry about our faithful companions’ well-being in their old age.” (Lagalisse, pg xiii) How did it […]

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Canine Massage and the Arthritic Dog

Canine Massage can be very beneficial for the Arthritic dog; it is complimentary to the veterinary treatment and prescribed painkillers. In some cases, Canine Massage can alleviate the need for large doses of painkilling drugs. Massage cannot cure the Arthritis but it can help to make your dogs life easier and improve their wellbeing Osteoarthritis […]

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Sick Muscle Sick Body

The cause of common lameness problems, ageing or slowing down overnight, gait irregularities…the list goes on, but why is the most common cause constantly overlooked, over thought or simply masked? Natalie Lenton asks… Firstly thank you all so much for the lovely emails and for those of you who came down to the stand at […]

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Gait & Anatomy – Your Crufts A-Z

Natalie Lenton guides you through some of the interesting basics, some fascinating facts and some little known information on your dog, gait, conformation and anatomy… A – Angulation: The angle formed by bones which meet at various joints. Examples of this include the Shoulder, the Stifle and the Hock as well as the Hip. The […]

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Massage and the Show Dog

Massage can be used in reference to the show dog mainly to improve gait and resolve movement issues. However, showing is a very different discipline to working and agility and the use of massage seems, in my experience, generally less attractive to owners. For dogs involved in agility/obedience and working trials, physical ability and stamina […]

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Five Freedoms - Canine Massage Guild

Five Freedoms – Canine Massage Guild

The Canine Massage Guild respect the five freedoms at all times and aim to enhance dogs quality of life by treatment for pain, injury or disease and to give dogs the ability to lead a more comfortable life whilst expressing their normal behaviour free from fear or distress. Freedom from hunger or thirst by having […]

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See Us At Crufts for your dogs FREE Muscular Fitness Exam! Hall 1 Stand 24a

Visit the Canine Massage Guild in Hall 1 Stand 24a at Crufts 5th-8th March 2013! Its not just for dogs attending Crufts, if you don’t have your dog with you but want to know how Therapeutic Canine Massage can help then come along for a chat. We work with all types of dog, from Pet dogs, Senior […]

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