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Cath Nicoll

Cath Nicoll

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Address: Gloucester GL19 3BP

Areas Covered: Gloucestershire/South Worcs/South Herefordshire/

Tel: 07967 099603


About the Therapist

I am Catherine Nicoll, Owner of Dogs Body Canine Massage Therapy.  I successfully completed the Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma in January 2012. In April 2015 I started to assist Natalie Lenton, teaching this course to a new set of students.  I am also the CPD Officer for the Canine Massage Guild.

I decided to do the course after I took my dog to Natalie Lenton for a massage. Having qualified as a human Sports Massage Therapist in 1999, I know just how beneficial massage is for treating soft tissue injury and supporting orthopaedic conditions. I have regular sports massages myself and of course both of my dogs do too to help keep us all in good muscular working order.

I own 2 rescue dogs and they both take part in a sport called Canicross and lead very active lives.

Since having rescue dogs I always try and support dog related rescue charities and once a month I will treat ex-racing greyhounds who are waiting for their forever home (through GRWE). I also host my local pub quiz four times a year and any monies collected go towards various local animal charities.

My clinic is in Hartpury, Gloucestershire, GL19 3BP. As well as my clients in Gloucestershire, I have clients in Wales, Wiltshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

I am happy to do home visits if a client is unable to get to my clinic.

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"Gwyn was nearly 13 when Cath treated him. He suffers from arthritis in his right hip. Gwyn had a total of 3 massage treatments and after his first treatment Gwyn's mood had lifted and he was ready to interact and be playful with my other dogs and was happy to go for a walk, something he was reluctant to do before. After his 2nd treatment Gwyn went upstairs which was something he had not done for a long time. His mobility has improved and the treatments have given him a new lease of life."



"Knight has bilaterally stiffened carpi (congenital carpal malformation) which results in spinal compensation. After having 3 massage treatments, Knight had improved as his back was not as tight. Before the treatments he would have one 'slow' day a week but during the course of the treatments Knight did not have any slow days and seemed generally more mobile and happier. I would recommend massage and wouldn`t hesitate to book a treatment again in the future."


"I contacted Cath to request a treatment for Tooky as he had had a bad reaction to some antibiotics which resulted in temporary paralysis and inflamed joints. After one treatment Tooky was acting like an 18 month old puppy with lots more energy. He went on to have further treatments which have continued to improved his mobility. He had a few muscular strains which have been resolved and I can now start training Tooky again for sled dog racing and distance trekking. I would not hesitate to book another treatment again should Tooky need this, and would recommend Cath to any dog owner or veterinary surgeon looking to use canine massage as a treatment/therapy."

Mr Chris Morris