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Claire Bowden

Claire Bowden

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Address: Based in Horsham, West Sussex

Tel:  01403 372649




About the therapist

I am Claire Bowden, owner of Pawsitive Canine Massage Therapy, based in Horsham, West Sussex, but with easy access to the M23 and M25 I can cover a wide area of the South East. When deciding on introducing dogs to our family, we researched and chose the Bearded Collie as our family pet. I now co-own our small kennel with my parents, and have 5 Beardies, the youngest two who I regularly show travelling all across the country. I have been a member of the Bearded Collie Club Committee for 3 years, and currently hold the office of Secretary.  I was introduced to Canine Massage Therapy through our eldest dog Jess, who required some treatment for an intermittent limp. I was so impressed with the results that I could see after just one session that for the next two I interrogated the therapist on the Diploma and how to go about becoming Canine Massage therapist! A short while later I enrolled on the Course and so my new career path began to be laid. Two years or over 800 hours of study and practical sessions on, I was ready to start Pawsitive Canine Massage Therapy. Trained in the art of palpation and 4 key disciplines of canine massage - Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Releases - I aim to provide a hands-on holistic approach designed to help resolve and manage areas of issue within the soft tissues of your dog. After treatment sessions I will talk to you about your dog and how you can help me help your dog, with after care and observations on the daily activities of your dog, so that you can see the results like I did with Jess.


£35 initial session, £30 subsequent sessions. Additional travel costs may incur if I visit you.