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Claire Kirton

The Clinical Canine Therapist

Covering Alfreton, Ashfield, Mansfield, Belper, Derby, Chesterfield,  Matlock, Ilkeston and surrounding areas

Tel: 01773 830242 or 07806 895704



About the Therapist

I am Claire Kirton, owner of The Clinical Canine Therapist and I'm dedicated to helping your dogs achieve the best muscular and soft tissue health possible, whatever their age, ability or condition.

I use massage to act as a catalyst for the dog's body to regain their own natural  balance and health.

My clinic is in Higham, Derbyshire and I also offer a mobile service covering the areas of  Derby, Nottingham,  Alfreton,  Ashfield,  Mansfield, Matlock, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

I understand how important your dog is to YOU so they can be assured of a kind, committed and results driven therapy from ME.

Fully qualified, and committed to continued professional development, I use the art of palpation, or “seeing with the fingers” to assess muscular and soft tissue problems.  Then, using the techniques of  Swedish, Sports, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue massage adapted for the dog, I assist the dog to regain their natural balance as much as possible.

Whether you have elderly, or active agility dogs, show dogs, “weekend warriors” or snoozy pet dogs, I can assess them for subtle ways in which they show evidence of strains, sprains, stiffness etc and also advise you as owners on everyday ways to prevent lameness,  keeping them mobile, and generally enhancing their quality of life. The same with dogs with orthopaedic conditions e.g dysplasia, arthritis  etc.

I first heard about Canine Massage on the radio and as one of my own dogs was suffering intermittent lameness I searched the internet and found Natalie Lenton at the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.  After doing one “owners ” day course and seeing positive results, I was convinced and went on to successfully complete  the rigorous 2 year Practitioner course.

Please do call me today on 07806 895704  or email with any enquiries, questions and to chat about how I may help you and your dog.


£30 per session (plus a small charge of 45 pence per mile if over 12 miles from DE55 6BP at my discretion)


Colin (12 yrs old Collie) collapsed in the garden approximately 12 months ago and the vet wasn't able to diagnose the cause without an MRI scan. He was immobile for several months and I think the vet thought I would give up on him, however I persevered, giving him some intuitive massage and Colin regained some mobility. He also has arthritis in his hips. After 3 sessions with Claire he was able to manoeuvre much better over the doorstep and even managed to stand on his back legs to look over the garden wall at the cat next door and my mum and I looked at each other in disbelief!

Lucy and Colin

Bertie (6 yr old Miniature Poodle) competes in agility with some success but he has a slight roaching of his back after exercise and even when he sits or lays. When Claire saw him she saw that he wouldn't relax his back legs when he was laid down and she explained this was because his gluteal muscles were tight. After 2 sessions I took Bertie training and he appeared to have much more power and speed in the hindquarters which was commented on by others.

Bertie is still roaching his back so Claire confirmed that I should refer him back to my vet, and she also offered a more targeted approach on his abdominal muscles depending on the out come of further investigations.

Colette and Bertie