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Emma Overend

Overend Orthopaedic

Address: Northants, Leicestershire, Beds

Tel: 07977 314138


About the Therapist

Emma works full time as a Canine Massage Therapist and McTimoney practitioner specialising in the treatment and rehabilitation of dogs and horses. Emma treats dogs from her newly opened canine clinic in Wellingborough, Northants.

Gaining respect and recognition within the veterinary and para-professional sectors Emma is relied upon by many vets, trainers, competitors and owners. Over the past 4 years Emma has focused intensively on the clinical therapy and rehabilitation of dogs and in 2014 qualified with a diploma in Canine Massage with the renowned Natalie Lenton of ‘The Canine Massage Therapy Centre’ This advanced her knowledge of Canine anatomy and physiology, tissue injury and treatment. Emma is a fully insured member of the Canine Massage Guild and the McTimoney Animal Association.



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Case Study

In October 2014 Lily stopped jumping and wouldn’t put full weight through her right back leg. Her vet prescribed pain killing drugs and referred Lily to me for treatment. Lilly had Strains or muscular tears in the muscles used for jumping and for propulsion forward, namely her Gracilis Muscle, pain in her sacral area of the spine with trigger points throughout the muscles supporting her spine (her Longissimus Dorsi, Multifidus and Iliocostalis Lumborum) which were causing her pain and restricting her movement. These are fairly common issues found in working dogs and its the niche job of the masseuse to be able to locate these.

Lilly had 3 massage sessions with me and we put together a recovery and reconditioning programme. She gradually returned to training and in March this year Lily was spotted at Crufts with her handler Julia Durrant and was chosen for Agility Team GB . Lily has just returned from Germany and was placed 33 over all out of 187 medium dogs from all over the world. Her speed was recorded at 4.3 meters per second and she is set to go to Italy in October for the world championships

Lilly went from completely lame to representing Great Britain in Agility and her owner Anne Hamilton puts it all down to the rehabilitative effects of massage, she says “Without the massage Lily might not have made it back to agility for a long time if at all, but with Emma’s treatment and help she made a speedy recovery, so much so that she qualified for Agility Team GB 2015 !! Hurray!!”