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Felicity Wurlod

Wurlod Animal Therapies

Address: Dublin

Tel: +353 86248 3331


About the Therapist

Felicity grew up on a dairy farm in Victoria Australia, where she attended to and worked with Kelpie/Koolie cattle dogs, pet dogs including Jack Russel’s and Miniature Fox Terriers, horses, dairy cows and poultry. Her love of animals led her to study for a Bachelor of Animal Science in Melbourne at La Trobe University.

To broaden her horizons Felicity sought employment on a farm in Switzerland for 6 months, then moved to Ireland, where she completed a Research Masters in Agricultural Science at University College Dublin (UCD).

After graduating from UCD she worked as a research assistant in Trinity College Dublin for 4 years. During this time Felicity realised that she would prefer to be doing something that directly improved the lives of animals, but was non-invasive and supported by science .

Therapeutic massage ticked these boxes. She went on to study the Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme at the Canine Massage Therapy Centre with Natalie Lenton in the UK. Felicity is now a qualified Clinical Canine Massage therapist travelling to homes in Dublin and the Greater Dublin area, including surrounding counties.

Please feel free to contact Felicity for further information regarding costs, what is included in a session or anything canine massage related.



Trudi, 5 year old Whippet/Collie cross 

I cannot recommend Felicity Wurlod highly enough. My dog Trudi and I compete and train regularly in the active sport of dog agility and she recently suffered a strain. Trudi is a rescue dog that is particularly nervous of strangers but Felicity made her feel at ease straight away and had Trudi's best interest as top priority throughout the entire course of treatments.

It was particularly helpful to have the locations and nature of Trudi's injury explained in detail so that I could better understand the recovery process.

On top of this she examined Trudi's environment and highlighted any daily activities that could cause the injuries to worsen. Things that I never would have considered myself!

Trudi will continue to get regular massages in order to maintain her muscular health throughout her agility career.
We won't hesitate to call Felicity in the future!

Laura, Stillorgan.

Splinter, 4 year old Greyhound/Saluki cross

Splinter was rescued as an abandoned pup. Unfortunately when he was 2 he was hit by a car and broke both his back legs. Two years on he still had a hop and was holding his back leg up sometimes. After three massages by Felicity he had a less obvious limp and was using his left back leg more. He was more bouncy and fluid when out for walks and had more energy.

Aoife, Dublin.

Chaya, 12 year old Thai mixbreed rescue

I was very interested in how massage might benefit Chaya given her mobility issues (front leg tri- pawed, hind leg osteoarthritis). She’s on medication so if there are other ways I can help to keep her mobile and comfortable then I want to try them out.

The dogs took to Felicity as soon as she arrived. This is pretty impressive as Chaya in particular can be a bit suspicious of strangers. Felicity was very thorough in going over all the muscles and picked up on a number of areas where she thought there were strains. I felt very comfortable with Felicity handling Chaya. After three massages I’d say she was definitely moving fluidly with less stiffness in her bad back leg. Her back feet were warm for days after each massage and they are usually cold. She seems to have better movement in her front leg too.

Deirdre, Dublin

Max, 11 year old English Cocker Spaniel

I was very interested in massage as Max has slight mobility issues that come from osteoarthritis. I think Felicity handled him very well as he can be grumpy at times. I found a particular improvement in his mobility and his activity levels after three sessions with Felicity.

Amelia, Dún Laoghaire