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Gemma Easton

Gemma Easton





Areas covered: Hinckley LE9 8AS

Tel: 07530 916829



About the Therapist

My name is Gemma Easton and I own Full Stretch Canine Massage covering parts of Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands.

I have always had the pleasure of owning dogs and currently live with 3, 2 of which compete in agility with one being grade 5. Along with training agility I also train my dogs in obedience, heelwork to music, flyball, cani x and rally O. This gives me a thorough understanding of what each discipline involves and the effect the exercises will have on your dog’s body.

I have worked with dogs in various guises for over 14 years, in that time I have been a kennel maid, groomer, canine hydrotherapist and I am also a qualified Dog training instructor, regularly teaching classes in pet dog obedience and agility.

I am trained in 4 disciplines of massage ( Swedish, Sports, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Release) and along with my palpation skills I can help to identify any soft tissue and muscular injuries and work to resolve them. Massage can help a multiple of conditions and don’t forget that dogs can hide their pain well but you as their owner often know something is not quite right, so whether you know your dog isn’t their normal self, have a diagnosed condition, are showing signs of getting old or is suffering from loss of performance in your chosen sport please contact me.

Client Comments

"Pudsey has always been a difficult dog and I was worried with how he would respond to massage, through Gemma’s expert handling Pudsey relaxed during his massage and shown every sign of enjoyment. The improvement in him was very impressive with him showing improved movement and him becoming less grumpy with other dogs."

Sam Emery and Pudsey

Canine massage was really good for Bracken she enjoyed it and it seems to have really helped her. Her agility has improved and she is much happier when walking and running.

Jo-Anne Glover and Bracken

Client Comments

"I have felt that my boy was not quite right and with it showing in the times he was producing in the ring, after being worked on and rest I worked him at the weekend and my boy came out and won a class - which being honest I thought he may not be able to do again. The issues that he had are going and he's so much happier in himself so Gemma THANK YOU so much."

Gina Scott and Bayley

"Thanks to Gemma, Merlin seems to have far more flexibility, has shown barely any lameness since his massages, and is back to enjoying his favourite past time, any size agility. Thank you Gemma."

Liz Houghton and Merlin