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About the Therapist

Hi, I am Gill Hornsby and own Great & Small Canine Massage.

I am based in Dibden, on the east edge of the New Forest and have my clinic here as well as offering a home service covering all of the New Forest and South Hampshire, which some owners prefer as your dog is in its own home environment.

Whether your dog is your beloved pet, a working dog or a serious athlete, massage can increase mobility and strength as well as improve general well-being and build a better quality of life, whatever the breed, size or age.

I was trained by Natalie Lenton, at the Canine Massage Therapy Centre, undertaking the 2-year, intensive programme, completing over 800 hours of study on anatomy, the law, physiology and then working hands on, developing the massage techniques that I use.

I am a member of the Canine Massage Guild and complete CPD every year to ensure my knowledge and skills are up to date, as well as continuing to learn new things that can help my clients. I am also the Guild’s CPD officer, so help other therapists with their learning throughout the year.
In addition to massage I am also training to be a canine core conditioning instructor, which complements massage hugely. By helping dogs improve their core this can, in turn, improve their fitness, muscle strength and help prevent injuries.

I discovered canine massage after seeing the benefits it had on a Newfoundland who was struggling with hip dysplasia and muscle wastage. The monthly maintenance sessions gave him an additional year, without requiring extensive chemical pain relief. Having owned a Newfoundland myself, who had identical problems, I then realised that I too wanted to be able to help dogs, and their owners, in the same way.

I share my life with my 3 furry companions. Floyd and Ralph, who are miniature dachshunds, and who, in 2018 both underwent spinal surgery due to IVDD (Intravertebral Disc Disease). This has resulted in me becoming an expert in working with both smaller dogs as well as post IVDD recovery.

I also have Norman, who is a retired racing Greyhound, whom I adopted after visiting Perry Barr Greyhound Rescue Centre on one of my practical weekends whilst training.

Please give me a call, text or drop me an email if you wish to find out how clinical canine massage therapy can help you and your dog. I also offer free muscular health checks for your dog, so you can identify if there are any muscular issues / injuries your dog is carrying.


£35 per session