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Hayley Hilton

Hand on Heart Canine Massage

Areas Covered: Salford, Manchester, Warrington, Northwich, Stockport, Cheshire

Tel: 07736041156

About the Therapist

I’m Hayley Hilton, an avid lover of all dog breeds, who strives to help ease the muscular or soft tissue pain felt by dogs, and also their owners when they see their best friend suffering. Through my new career with “Hands On Heart”, I have managed to help a wide variety of breeds and conditions but still continue to learn about each dog that comes to me and tailor my treatment accordingly.

Following 3 years owning “Hilton Hotel For Dogs”, a home boarding alternative to kennels just outside Manchester, I have learnt much about dog behaviour that I find really beneficial when working with my canine clients in that we can build a better relationship over the sessions, plus my clinical but compassionate attitude lets me assess the dog holistically with input from the owners as well as the vets to get a better picture of how best to approach each treatment on each dog.


£40 per session but recommend an initial course of 3 sessions to properly assess your dog and build trust rather than going in too deep too soon.


"Highly recommended. Sasha used to be very lethargic the day after a long walk and reluctant to go upstairs, but now she’s running around and full of beans”


"Hayley is brilliant and my 12 year old Labrador really benefits from seeing her. She has bad arthritis and it really helps for her to have a massage once a month”


"Much improved: no more lameness, with increased energy on walks, being able to last longer on walks without getting tired"