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Hayley Miller

Paws & Restore Canine Massage

Address: Twickenham, covering Southwest London, West London, West Middlesex & Surrey
Tel: 07801 296333

About the Therapist

Hello my name is Hayley. I run Paws and Restore Canine Massage. I am based in Twickenham, and offer a home visiting clinical canine massage therapy service in the comfort of your home covering Southwest London, Surrey, and West Middlesex.

My background is in Human Massage Therapy. I am ITEC and BABTAC qualified, since 1982.

I grew up with dogs, and have always felt I had a natural affinity with dogs. Dogs are my passion, and I have wanted to work with dogs for many years, but I didn’t know in what capacity. I knew what I didn’t want to do, then one day I had a eureka moment. Once I thought of it, I knew it was my path.

Dogs give so much to us. Because I knew humans respond well to massage, I wanted to extend my skills and give something back to dogs. I then found the Canine Massage Therapy Centre

I have studied canine Anatomy & Physiology, 4 disciplines of massage, including the trade marked Lenton Method, and completed over 800 hours of practical work over two years

Canine Massage is a non invasive, result driven treatment for your dog, benefitting dogs of all ages & breeds, whether they are pets, show dogs, or sporting dogs. It increases mobility, eases aches and pains, reduces soreness, and stiffness, giving your dog a better quality of life.

Massage therapy treats soft tissue and muscular conditions It also supports orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis and other joint issues by relieving and managing pain.

If you have noticed your dog limping, or any gait irregularity, finding daily living activities difficult, i.e. getting up/ down stairs, furniture or in and out of the car, or just slowing down, then your dog will benefit from clinical canine massage therapy.