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Hazel Slater

Burton Canine Massage

Address: Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Tel: 07817 390509

About the Therapist

Canine Massage in Burton-on-Trent, also covering East Staffordshire & South Derbyshire


Hazel was amazingly gentle, calm, caring and professional. Obviously loves dogs! Jenson was very relaxed and loved it! After 3 sessions, he showed much more ease of movement. I would definitely recommend Hazel. Thank you.

Jenson, 11 year old Golden Retriever

I was open-minded about a dog massage. I took my 8 year old Springer Spaniel "Roxy" for 3 sessions in the hope her mobility would improve as she's becoming generally slower, especially in the mornings. Roxy was a little nervous but Hazel made her feel at ease. There was a lot of time and consideration put into each session with plenty of feedback. Roxy seemed quicker in getting up in the morning and seemed to move more freely on walks. It was really pleasing to see the change in her.

Roxy, 8 year old Springer Spaniel

Hazel handled Tyler very calmly and patiently and he was extremely relaxed. After the course of 3 sessions, he showed much more movement and suppleness of muscles. I would definitely use Hazel again and recommend her.

Tyler, 8 year old Working Sheepdog

Beamer is a 4-year-old working bearded collie who competes at obedience and agility and it is important that he is physically fit and well. After having a muscle check at a competition, I felt that Beamer would benefit from some massage treatment and took him to see Hazel. Initially he had 3 sessions and I was amazed at the difference and improvement in his general movements, especially when doing agility. Hazel instantly made a connection with Beamer, she obviously loves dogs and he sensed that straight away. She carries out her work in a calm, quiet and professional manner which is very reassuring for both dog and owner. I am so impressed with the improvement I have seen that Beamer is now having regular maintenance massages with Hazel. I would never have believed the difference massage could make to a dog and would recommend it to anyone and have no hesitation in recommending Hazel.

Beamer, 4 year old working bearded collie