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Jan Robinson

Lucky Dog Massage

Address: Preston,Lancashire

Tel: 07970 485445


About the Therapist

Hello my name is Jan Robinson and my business is called Lucky Dog Massage. I practice from clinics in Preston, Lancashire, Sefton and at Vince the Vets in Southport with appointments made on request.

I can also off home visits to ensure that your dog is comfortable in their own environment, if required.

Whether your dog is your treasured pet, a hard working dog or a serious sports dog, massage can increase mobility and strength as well as improve general well being and build a better quality of life, whatever the breed, size or age.

I have owned dogs all my life and I currently have my thirteenth rescue and my first ever pedigree that I got as a puppy. Since 2009 I have been training all my dogs in agility and I compete at varying levels! I have always been committed to ongoing dog relationship training and I am a lifetime member of Absolute Dogs Training Academy, giving me the skills to understand some of you and your dogs other needs that may help the massages and other aspects of your dogs’ well being.

Prior to becoming a Canine Massage Therapist I worked as an arts professional for over 30 years, specialising in Arts & Health. As a result I have a deep understanding of and thorough knowledge of holistic practises, complimentary medicines and how an integrated approach to well being brings long term healthy results. I am totally committed to and knowledgeable about natural diet and approach to mine and my own dogs lives. I retail a few holistic supplies to support your dogs’ well being.

I am also qualified as a clinical a human massage therapist. My training in Myofascial release, deep tissue and sports massage was gained from Blend Therapy and Training. I have a number of owner and dog clients and I am happy to treat you both.

Please give me a ring/email if you would like to find out how massage therapy can help you and your dog, whether it is for improving sporting performance, to supporting ongoing orthopaedic and neurological conditions or recovery from injury/surgery.


I charge £30 per treatment or £35 for home visits within 10 miles. Please contact to discuss home visits further afield.


Well what can I say you have worked wonders with my dogs. Gibbs not only competed in Rally O this weekend and did not run out the ring terrified, but also got his first level 3 qualifier. After such a bad start to the season, it is a wonderful feeling that he has got his mojo back, and not a hop in sight since that last massage.

Iina is very calm in herself something I haven’t seen in her before, no it’s not just quiet she has a peaceful look on her face its lovely to see. Her constant spinning has slowed down too she’s moving in a more balanced way not at all one sided, thank god for that.

To top that Iina got her second level 3 qualification as well - what a shame you could not come I would have shouted that out for all to hear! I had the most wonderful day!

Jane, The Wirral

I cannot recommend Jan Robinson at Lucky Dog - massage enough. She has treated several of my dogs for various ailments, and all have had brilliant success in the speed of their healing and for developing their general fitness.
Most notably she worked with my German Shepherd who had jumped out of a first storey window and damaged all her pectoral muscles in the fall. She was completely lame, I was at a loss of what to do. She is a fully trained security dog, and isn’t keen on strangers touching her. The first session was a struggle, with my Shepherd not having any of it, but Jan took it all in her stride working gently and calmly to put both me and my girl at ease. From session two onwards my Shepherd has been relaxed, calm and benefited no end from Jan’s healing hands!

Massage involves working holistically on the whole-body and so Jan found some other areas of soft tissue pain I didn’t even know about. After each session, my dog’s improvement was massive in both her posture and happiness. Since attending sessions with Jan, my Shepherd has been able to run better, walks with a more even gait and can enjoy life more. I take this particular dog to Jan every few months to keep on top of her injuries, health and well-being and to keep my mind at ease. I didn’t realise how restricted she was in her movement and how it must have been effecting her work. Jan has since seen four more of my dogs, and I will continue to use Jan for every dog I have. Not only is Jan brilliant at massaging, she is also a wealth of knowledge on holistic canine care, in particular joint supplements which I buy from her. I can’t fault Jan’s attitude to her work and dogs, she is easy to engage with and really knows about canine anatomy and massage.

Kathryn Jones - Clever Fox Canine Training and Behaviour