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Jayne Strange

K9 Bodycare

Address:  Scotland Farm Lodge, Worksop, S80 3BL

Areas Covered: North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Lincolnshire and surrounding areas

Tel: 07834 897661


Facebook: K9bodycare

About the Therapist

I am Jayne and I run K9 Bodycare based in Carburton. I work from my “Therapy Shed” but am happy to travel where there is difficulty in bringing your dog to me.

Treating a wide range of dogs from the smallest to the largest of pets, from young to senior; working/agility to retired; rehomed to pedigree’s; orthopaedic issues to maintenance.

Whether you are looking for improved mobility or performance, pain management, reduced stress & anxiety, or an enhanced quality of life for your dog. I will work closely with you to achieve your goals.

I am also a Reiki practitioner and find that dogs are extremely receptive to this treatment. Extremely committed and passionate about my work and 100% committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of your dog.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help your dog, please get in touch via the contact details above.   I look forward to hearing from you.

You’re Dog, Your Friend, Their Body, Their Health, Their Wellbeing....

Seeing the results your dog can feel!!


The initial consultation takes around 90 minutes and costs £40. Subsequent treatments take an hour and cost £30

For home visits depending on location travelling cost may be incurred



Jayne came to massage Ziggy an excitable 9 month old Bullmastiff, who naturally just want to play, and launches himself everywhere at 90mph and so often hurts himself. Having had a hernia operation at 6 months I was hopeful that massage would reduce the scar tissue and help with his injuries.

Ziggy was very excited that he had a new playmate, his attention span being very limited. Jayne was very good with Ziggy, firm but fair and was able to keep his interest. I was extremely impressed on how he responded to Jayne, seeing a marked improvement in his behaviour and increased attention span, his scar tissue from the hernia operation has improved and his neck was so much better.

Rachel, South Yorkshire


Initially unsure how much impact Clinical Canine Massage would have on Woody, so I was probably a little sceptical.   Woody clearly loved it; he was relaxed to the point of sleeping through most of it and thoroughly enjoys it.

Jayne was terrific with Woody, before she started doing anything she spent time getting to know him and build rapport. Woody took to Jayne from the off, when it was time for Woody to lay on the table she soothed and reassured him and he laid on his side with complete trust in Jayne. She really connected with Woody in just one session, so much so that the following week Woody was truly delighted to see her again.

Woody is more relaxed and less anxious and runs with the other dogs more and just seems younger. I certainly feel it has benefited Wood and it is unquestionably something he completely enjoys and gets something from

Matt, South Yorkshire


Logan is an agility dog and is always on the go, I have often thought about getting massages, but never go round to it, so when Jayne approached me I knew it would be great to see how Logan would respond. Logan has really benefited from it.   Logan was better behaved than I thought he would be, at times he was a little uncomfortable but that’s because he needed some work doing as he was very tense, twitchy and tight.

Jayne handled Logan brilliantly, very patient as at times he was being a little awkward. I can see a big improvement, as I don’t feel that Logan is as twitchy as he was when she first worked on him. When I used to touch his back he used to twitch quite badly but now there are no twitches at all. I can see much improvement.

Angela, South Yorkshire


I didn’t think that Hebe would behave as well as she did for Jayne, she’s a very funny dog and is very stubborn. Hebe was very accepting of being massaged and enjoyed it a lot. Jayne was brilliant, she was very calm with Hebe when she was wriggling around and sitting down and being a generally pain in the bum, Hebe wouldn’t lie on her side so Jayne adapted her techniques to meet Hebe’s needs, ensuring that she still provided a full massage treatment. Big improvements seen, Hebe is an Agility dog and has won 3 out of 5 classes which is amazing as she had been struggling a bit.

Angela, South Yorkshire


I was amazed that something like this could be done for Cookie our dog to help her, she loved it, was really relaxing for her too. Jayne did a great job with Cookie, gained her trust first, which helped and she totally relaxed during her massages, it has definitely helped her with her mobility. Cookie also had a few problems with her neck area and shoulders which, after receiving massage freed these areas up for her.

Lynn, North Nottinghamshire


Bradley is an energetic dog, and is full of energy. Has issues with his left Shoulder and shows signs of intermittent lameness. Since Jayne has been massaging Bradley, I have noticed a change; he doesn't seem to get any problems now with walking after he has been on a long walk. I am looking forward to Jayne continuing to working with Bradley to keep him in tiptop condition.