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Jennifer Coates

Jennifer Coates

Dog Star Therapy-Jenny CoatesDog Star Therapy






Areas covered: Reading, Berkshire, Oakham, Rutland

Tel: 07545 319 909


About the Therapist

My name is Jennifer Coates and I run Dogstar Therapy in Rutland.  Home visits are possible if needed and weekend and evening appointments are also available.  On Tuesday afternoons and all day on Wednesday I work in the Reading area as this is where I began my practice and I still have many existing clients in Berkshire.

I am a qualified canine massage therapist and a fully insured member of the canine massage guild.  I specialise in treating agility dogs, pet dogs and dogs with orthopaedic conditions such as hip dysplasia.  I compete in agility with two of my dogs and one of them also does obedience.  My third dog has severe hip dysplasia and is a much loved family pet.

I am also a qualified veterinary physiotherapist and member of IRVAP.

Canine massage can help dogs recover from soft tissue injury and surgery as well as give older dogs a new lease of life.  It is a drug free way to give your dog natural pain relief.  I aim to ensure that you can live with your best friend at their best.


Treatments cost £35.00.  If you are outside Rutland then a small travelling cost may be incurred dependant on location.

Client Comments

"Jenny told me in the summer of 2013 that she was studying to become a Canine Massage therapist and I said that I was happy for her use my 5yo American Bulldog as she is 40kg of Muscle and as an Agility Dog I felt this this would be a good case study for Jenny.  My dog was not showing any signs of any strains or injury, however, I was interested to see what Jenny thought.  She treated Talli over a course of 3 treatments and was always professional and had a lovely manner about her.  She was kind and gentle with Talli, even when there were areas that were a little 'tight' that needed releasing.  Talli fell asleep almost straight away.  Talli quickly learnt that when Jenny came round it was her time to be treated. Once Jenny qualified I was so excited and I now have both my dogs treated regularly to ensure they are in tip top shape as they are both agility dogs.  I wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else.  She is so kind and gentle with them both.  If there are ever any uncomfortable areas she is very patient with them.  We both laugh, Talli the American Bulldog will always lick Jenny after she has done one area of discomfort as a way of saying “its ok Jenny, I forgive you.”  Both dogs love Jenny coming around.  I won’t lie, I was skeptical, however I have seen a difference in the Bulldog especially, she has a better spring in her step and is quicker in her Agility.  Thanks Jenny."

Laura and Talli, 5 year old American Bulldog

Client Comments

"My GSD girl, LV, had a large litter of pups that she raised perfectly. Once they were weaned I thought she needed some relaxation and pampering. I thought she had been so attentive and alert for weeks she looked exhausted.  Jenny came over and started gently working with her. By the time she started the second side, LV had relaxed so much she was deeply asleep. She went to sleep for a few hours afterwards, clearly needing that relaxation, and came downstairs later full of puppy playfulness again. It was really clear LV had benefitted from the massage just like we would under similar circumstances. Thank you."

Tima and LV, 3 year old German Shepherd