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Jo Bevan

Central Canine Massage Therapy

Address: Walsall, covering Black Country/West Midlands and South Staffordshire

Tel: 07872 957548 


About the Therapist

My name is Jo Bevan and I run Central Canine Massage Therapy. I am based in Walsall and happy to do home visits covering all of the Black Country/West Midlands and South Staffordshire if clients are unable to get to my clinic.

I have worked in the NHS in finance for over 25 years but my real passion is my animals. I have been a keen horse rider all my life and have shared my home over the years with various rescued pets. Currently having a Spanish rescue dog, 2 cats and lots of fish!

I found Clinical Canine Massage while researching ways to help my two older rescue dogs with pain management. The more I researched, the more I realised how perfect massage would be for them, and as a new direction for me to follow.

I have studied for two years and use 4 disciplines and over 50 techniques to help improve the dog’s conditions in 1 to 3 sessions.


£35 per session. Additional mileage charge for home visits over 10 miles.


Jill Jones and Daisy (9 month old American Bulldog X)

Over 3 weekly sessions Daisy improved massively in being handled by a stranger, due to the careful and respectful handling from Jo. Daisy was intermittently lame on the right fore leg and after 3 weeks she was totally sound. I would recommend Jo to other dog owners.

Laura Greenwood and Sandy (7 year old GSD X Rough Collie)

Sandy suffers from elbow dysplasia so her surrounding soft tissue became guarded and tight making her stiff and often lame. She seemed more comfortable and more fluid through her neck, shoulders and back. She loved it. She was calm and relaxed from the start and was comfortable with the movements involved. Both my dogs felt at ease around Jo making it an enjoyable experience.

Harriet Wright and Honey (9 year old Golden Labrador)

I thought massage was a brilliant idea for an older dog. Honey struggles on her back legs so I thought it would help her. She really enjoyed her massages. She was very well behaved and reacted to treatment well. She definitely improved with the sessions, I would recommend canine massage to anyone with older dogs.