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Joanne Weston

Joanne Weston

Jasmine Canine Massage

Areas covered: Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire

Tel: 01623 472586; 07580 318804



About the Therapist

I have worked as an Environment Officer with the Environment Agency for 23 years and have a BSc hons Ecology degree that includes Zoology and an MSc Degree.

I have owned dogs for the last 14 years and my interests include alternative veterinary medicine through study, research and experience.

I found Therapeutic Canine massage very effective when I treated my dog who participated in agility, to prevent and treat muscular issues. Impressed with the results I decided to develop the skills professionally and completed the 2 year Diploma with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. The 2 year Diploma includes in depth study of Canine anatomy, physiology, canine kinesiology and gait analysis. The 4 categories of massage are included: Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Myofascial Release.

I have relevant knowledge and experience of dog training including obedience and agility training and also improving canine health through sensible exercise, good nutrition and use of supplements to manage orthopaedic conditions.


Visits outside a 15 mile radius of my home location will incur reasonable travel costs to be agreed at the time of booking the appointment.


My 9 year old Border collie cross had been limping on and off for a while and had become reluctant to come down the A frame at agility. X rays revealed the start of arthritis in his right hip and he was put on Metacam and I was told to rest him - not easy with a collie!
 A friend of mine had had her dog massaged and suggested this might help, though I was sceptical at first I decided to give it a go as the lack of exercise seemed to be making him feel down.
So with the vet consent duly completed I arranged for Jo to come to the house.
 Jo gave Bob a thorough examination and took a detailed history prior to his massage treatment. She was calm and reassuring with him and though the first treatment he seemed rather tense on the next two you could tell he was more relaxed.
 The first thing I noticed was that he seemed happier in himself, he'd got his 'sparkle' back, now several weeks on he is running around chasing tennis balls and no sign of a limp. I'm sure the massages have hastened his recovery!

Agility dog


I did not think there was anything wrong with Rose but as my other dog was having treatment I thought it would be nice for Rose. I didn't notice any changes in her movement/behaviour but could see that her range of motion in her front legs was much better following treatment. I believe that she had some tightness and Rose was clearly hiding her discomfort.

Canicross Competitor

Lightning has improved on her front legs since Joanne has been working on her. She had prior to treatment had a couple of limping sessions on both front legs and nothing has happened since – Hopefully this will continue.

Retired Breed Show dog

After the course of 3 sessions Lola was lively, barking for us to play outside. She only does this when she is feeling well.

Pet dog