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Julie Casey

Julie Casey

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Areas covered: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and parts of Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.  I also hold a clinic in Rutland.


Tel: 01733 233255; 078 4148 3013


About the Therapist

K9 Bodyzone - Therapeutic Canine Massage
I have always had a deep love of dogs no matter what shape, size or breed and have kept Rough Collies myself for 29 years.  I currently share my home with two Rough Collies, Ellie and Logan, as well as other pets.  Alternative and complementary therapies have always interested me and over the years I have looked at the most holistic way to feed, train and care for my dogs.

I discovered the benefits of canine massage therapy when looking for a way to help Theo, one of my dogs who was struggling with mobility issues due to hip dysplasia and arthritis.  After three sessions of massage with Natalie Lenton of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre, the improvements in his mobility were clear to see and it was wonderful to see him able to move easily again without discomfort.  I had no idea that massage therapy would make so much of a difference to his daily life!

This first hand experience of the benefits of massage therapy was the inspiration for me to study and train to become a Canine Massage Therapist.  I successfully completed a Canine Studies Diploma before completing the two year Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma taught by Natalie Lenton of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.

I absolutely love working with dogs and seeing the improvements massage therapy can make to their daily lives.  It is so fulfilling and rewarding to improve the mobility, general health and wellbeing of a dog whether it is a beloved senior pet with orthopaedic conditions; a working or agility dog that is lame; or a dog requiring rehabilitation post surgery. As a Canine Masseuse specialising in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques I aim to improve the lives of as many dogs as possible.


I am the owner of 3 border collies and I compete in Obedience.  I had the good fortune to meet Julie Casey of K9 Bodyzone in September 2013.  My older collie, Elli,  had been lame for most of the previous winter on her hind leg and despite plenty of rest and limited exercise the lameness kept reoccurring.  Julie carried out an assessment of Elli and found several muscular issues.  The results after 3 sessions were fantastic and Elli was lame free.  A little while later, Ellie became lame on her other leg.  Further massage therapy put this right and since then Elli has not been lame at all.  She is off lead all of the time and is back to her naughty crazy self.  She shows no stiffness and at the age of 10, acts like a young dog of half her age.  Taking Elli to Julie was one of the best moves I ever made.   I would recommend Julie Casey to anyone looking to get their dogs in tip top condition.  Julie is kind and caring and her whole being is about improving your dog’s health.

Christine Bowles and Gunran Helene 'Elli'

I noticed that my Afghan Hound, Bo, wasn't quite moving properly from the rear and slightly throwing her near hind leg out- I booked her in with Julie and off we went! Julie identified very quickly that Bo had a small strain and also a couple of trigger points and knots in her muscles from daily living activities, exercise & play.  After the first massage session the improvement was quite remarkable!  We then attended a second session two weeks later and I was over the moon that that the issues we'd had were now resolved and Bo was moving perfectly again.  I would fully recommend Julie for any dog even if it's just for maintenance! I now attend every three months without fail- with the reassurance that I have fit & healthy dogs.

Jay Stewart, Charjaghan Afghan Hounds.

Meeting Julie at a Flyball Tournament last year was the best thing for me and my collie Sky.  Julie identified that Sky had some muscular issues and after my first session Sky was very happy and seemed very light on her feet. Sky then started limping on her back leg (an old injury that she had just slipped and hurt again).  Julie gave me guidance and support and after some rest and another massage session Sky was back to being fighting fit and running at flyball again with a sparkle back in her eye.  My little girl has her mojo back again and I now see Julie for maintenance sessions to keep Sky fighting fit for doing the sport she loves, flyball.  I would definitely recommend Julie of K9 Bodyzone.

Sam Jane and Sky from Nene Valley Flyball Team


I was interested to see if massage could help Toby with his arthritis which was causing swollen joints, stiffness, and mobility issues.  Julie was calm in her approach and explained everything clearly.   After three sessions Toby was so much more lively and walking much better.  All the swelling on his joints had gone  - amazing!

Jackie  -  Peterborough

My elderly Parson Jack Russell, Bea, was really slowing down and beginning to find going up the stairs quite difficult.   Massage therapy has enabled her to  stand up on her back legs so that she can place her front paws on my lap and also go up the stairs more speedily.  She is more fluid in her movements and no longer just potters on her walks - she whizzes about!  Bea says Thank You!

Catherine - Fenstanton, Cambs.