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Karen Young


Address: Hemel Hempstead

Tel: 07751 362 220


About the Therapist

I have been a dog owner all my life and have always felt happiest when I am around them. I adopted Eva, a bull lurcher with hip dysplasia four years ago. I am not sure whether I rescued her or she rescued me as she was the reason I initially retrained in canine massage.

She is a very sensitive dog and I massage her regularly to keep her pain free, maintain her mobility and to reduce her anxiety. When Eva first came home she was rigid, all her muscles were extremely tight and she didn’t like being touched too much. The change in her was incredible and it spurred me on to learn more.

I have the best job in the world because I am able to recreate the same amazing results in my clients dogs. I get to improve the quality of life of my clients; young and old, sporting (or not) every day. This is my dream job and I feel so privileged to meet so many amazing dogs and their owners.

I have a clinic in Hemel Hempstead and you can see me at many of the dog related shows in the area throughout the summer.


Additional Training

In 2018

- Canine Conditioning Academy - Practitioner programme

- Lymphatic Drainage - Canine Massage Therapy Centre

In 2017

- Skills Review - Canine Massage Therapy Centre

- Facilitated Stretching - Canine Massage Therapy Centre

- Holy Fire Reiki II (Second Degree) - Nature's Embrace

- Canine First Responder - MJ First Aid Training


The initial consultation takes around 90 minutes and costs £40. Subsequent treatments take an hour and cost £35


"My little dog Leah is due for her second massage. I can't believe the huge difference already after just one session. She is a happy dog again." Jo, Potten End


"Zoie says thank you for a great session again today. It's great to know that in your safe hands she is a fully fit K9 Flyball athlete - and she is raring to go !!" Terry, Four Paws Racing, Uxbridge


"We have two spaniels, one of which is bomb proof, and one who thinks she is. Thankfully Karen is there a every step of the way! The work Karen has done to help maintain Rosie so that she can be a 100mph spaniel is amazing. Then there is the added side, problems with incontinence, an unbalanced gait, a dog that did not like touch and would never “rest”. Not any more .. all issues gone and a dog that is really happy having time out with you now in between zoomies. She has become a super balanced dog and simply LOVES her sessions with Karen! Brilliant service, exceptional dedication to her craft and to her patients .. cannot recommend Karen enough!" Jackie, Welwyn