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Kim Rufus

Macoby Canine Massage Therapy

Address: High Ercall, covering Shropshire & parts of West Midlands

Tel: 07983 759975

Website: www.

About the Therapist

My name is Kim and I am Registered Veterinary Nurse having been in the profession some 22 years so animals especially dogs have always been a big part of my life.

I have gained a lot of experience from being in practice however more recently I have come to realise that there are more options available for dogs that suffer with both acute problems and also chronic conditions that are debilitating and painful such as Arthritis. I believe that complimentary therapy such as massage has a place alongside conventional medicine to provide the best quality of life for our four legged friends. I especially love geriatric care and ways that older dogs especially can be cared for and ways to improve their daily life. I also hold qualifications in herbal medicine, animal communication and I am also currently studying towards a further qualification in Canine Holistic Health and Therapy to provide the best service possible.


I charge £30 per session

For home visits this is free within a 5 mile radius but a small fee will be incurred for areas further a field so please ask me when enquiring.


My Greyhound Izzy had a problem with her back leg. We did consult our vets and Izzy was given medication and Hydrotherapy, which helped. However the injury returned.
Kim gave Izzy massage treatment for a total of 3 weeks for roughly an hour each session. Great care was taken to assess her condition, movement, gait, medical history and medication.

Kim looked at the whole hound, not just the problem area. Izzy is a very nervous Greyhound and I was amazed that she let Kim lay her down and treat her with no problem at all. Animals really do know and get a vibe from people. This was all very positive.
After each session Kim explained a suggested exercise and feeding routine.

After the first session I noticed an improvement in her condition. She found it easier to get on and off the sofa and to walk around the garden. After the treatment was completed Izzy was back to her usual self and the problem has not returned. Izzy was one happy hound, so relaxed and it was good to see her sleep soundly.

I can totally recommend Kim she has extensive knowledge and understanding and explains things clearly. This therapy really does work!

Mrs Woolley with Izzy

Kim was very gentle and reassuring and built Selinas confidence with each session. She is now more agile and comfortable after the sessions.

Mr Evans with Selina