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Lucie Griffiths

Derbyshire Canine Massage


Address: Belper, covering Derby, Matlock & surrounding areas

Tel: 07792 936 644


About the Therapist

My name is Lucie Griffiths and I run Derbyshire Clinical Canine Massage Therapy. I have been a dog lover for all of my life and there’s nothing I like more than spending time with my Wire Fox Terrier, Ginger.

As a fully qualified Clinical Canine Massage Therapist and member of the Canine Massage Guild I am committed to achieving the best results possible for your dog in 1-3 sessions of massage therapy.

I’m trained in 4 disciplines of massage and help rehabilitate dogs of all ages. Massage therapy can help with a wide range of issues from soft tissue and muscular injuries to improving mobility in older dogs and those recovering from operations. Massage is also used for pain management and support with common orthopaedic conditions such as hip/elbow dysplasia and arthritis.

I’m currently offering a mobile service visiting dogs in the comfort of their own home in and around the area of Derbyshire.


£40 per session (visits beyond a 15 mile radius of DE56 0TW will incur an additional cost per mile traveled and will be calculated when booking)


Lucie was very sensitive to my very elderly dog who is usually frightened of strangers, he relaxed really well with her and the massage therapy helped relive pain in his hips and back legs and improve his sleeping patterns. We were thrilled with the outcome.

Shirley & Charlie (Cross Breed)


Lucie treated my Chihuahua with luxating patella and a ruptured cruciate ligament with sensitivity and care, after the second session Amber had greater agility and energy than before. I believe the treatment help reduce any pain she was feeling.

Alison & Amber


My collie cross Lou Lou had been suffering with stiffness due to early onset arthritis with intermittent lameness and joint pain. After just one session of massage therapy with Lucie she was a completely different dog out on her walk, it was like springs had been fitted to her feet and after three sessions of therapy I haven’t seen any signs of stiffness or pain.

Lucie was wonderful; Lou Lou was clearly at ease and settled into the massages very quickly. It was such a pleasure to see my nervous dog ‘melt’ into the floor and enjoy the sessions so much.

Sally & Lou Lou (Collie Cross)