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Lynn Hall

Oxfordshire Canine Massage Therapy


Address: Oxford

Tel: 07866411425


About the Therapist

My name is Lynn Hall and I run Oxfordshire Canine Massage Therapy providing hands on therapy to relieve and resolve issues within the soft tissues of your dog’s body. I’m based in Oxford but cover the Oxfordshire, Berks and Bucks area.

I have always had a keen interest in human physiology and complementary therapy, training as a holistic masseuse 8 years ago. Since then I have gone on to working in the sports industry as a Dance, Pilates and Fitness instructor so am very aware of how important it is to have your body in peak condition and injury free.

My other love in life is animals, especially dogs. When my Italian Spinone Luigi suffered a cruciate ligament rupture, the world of dog rehabilitation opened up to me showing me a way of combining my love for all things physiology and dogs. I under took the 2 year Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre which was hard work but incredibly rewarding. One of the things I enjoy most is that we try to get to the cause of a problem not just treating the area of pain, we look for areas of over compensation and referred pain which may be affecting your dog’s comfort and mobility.

Instead of just a ‘massage’ as a member of the Canine Massage Guild I offer a ‘hands on’ therapy which can help improve your dog well-being in as little as 3 sessions.


If you would like more information, have any questions or would like to book an appointment please contact me.


£35 per session – Travel costs will be incurred for sessions over 15+ miles from OX2 9AS


My dog BrandySnap has been suffering with arthritis in her spine and right front leg for for nearly 3 years now. It is an awful thing to watch a previously hyper active hound, slow down with a painful condition. She is on quite a lot of medication which helps but can only go so far. Lynn came to see Brandy in August 2015 and spent a long time taking her history and getting to know her. She then spent a good hour massaging Brandy and I have to say Brandy loved it! Being a vizsla, she loves cuddles and hugs, indeed any form of human contact, but this was pure heaven for her. When Lynn arrived for the next session, Brandy was already in place lying on the floor waiting for those heavenly healing hands to begin. After 2-3 sessions there was a noticeable difference in Brandy, her back was straighter - not quite as hunched as it had been. She didn't lean quite so much to one side and generally looked stronger. Throughout Brandy's treatment Lynn was very professional and as an owner, it is comforting to see that the person treating your dog, loves dogs. I would recommend Lynn's canine massage in a heartbeat, she is great!

– Louise Harris


Lynn was excellent with my dogs, she knew exactly what she was doing not only with the therapy but also communicating and handling the dogs.  My dogs relaxed and seemed to really enjoy their sessions, they would both have a good sleep afterwards and be full of beans ready to go again the following day.  As a canine instructor and behaviourist it was interesting to see Lynn work, I have no problems in recommending Lynn and fully trusted my dogs were in good hands when she treated them.

- Sharon Bunce, Canine Instructor and Behaviorist


Lynn came to help my Dog Tinker after recovering from an operation on her right cruciate ligament. Lynn identified the muscle problems that occurred after Tinker was unable to walk properly for 6 weeks. Lynn was very confident and worked on Tinkers muscles over 3, 1 hour sessions. Lynn built trust with Tinker and worked cautiously to make her feel comfortable when working around the operated leg. Tinker was notably more mobile and comfortable and back to her old bouncy self after the sessions. Lynn was very knowledgeable and we wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again if Tinker needed treatment

- Stacey Dobson

Lynn knew our dog was 10+ and would have aches and pains after a long walk so suggested that she come to the house on 3 occasions to give him some treatment. She gave me a letter to get permission from our vet to say that Jester was an ideal candidate for treatment with no underlying health problems. She visited and at once put Jester at ease with lots of attention and then began the treatment. She was very gentle and caring with Jester and he responded well to her touch. He looked over at her when she found an area that was sensitive to touch and she calmly laid his head down and spoke softly to him. He really seemed to enjoy the experience and each time she came back he responded in the same positive way. In the following weeks he appeared to be less stiff. As a result of this we will be having regular visits from Lynn as Jester does seem to benefit from her sessions.

– Heather McNaughton