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Lynn Pearce

DogzAligned Clinical Canine Massage


Address: DogzAligned Clinical Canine Massage Centre, Broom, Beds. SG18 9NW

Areas Covered:  Bedfordshire, North Hertfordshire, South Cambridgeshire

Tel: 07939 540940


About the Therapist

I have been a Chartered Physiotherapist for many years (trained Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge) and a practising acupuncturist since 1993. This is on humans! Owning a dog with bilateral hip dysplasia and mood issues due to pain prompted me to sign up with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre when visiting Crufts in 2015 and train with Natalie Lenton. The course provided a thorough grounding in anatomy and massage techniques and taking my palpation skills from 35 years worth of manual therapy to the canine world, was a side step that proved to be a move that I have never regretted and am building on. On a personal note, I find dogs easier to treat,more responsive and faster to respond than humans!

A colleague, Lesley Best, who runs DogzAloud Training Centre, in Broom and myself have purchased a large cabin and have converted it into a treatment and education area, so I am lucky at being on site for any dogs that may need a muscular check, or if that follows through to masage sessions. Home visits can also be arranged.

The use of certain gentle myofascial techniques can be invaluable in helping the dog in generalised pain, and this is a growing field within manual therapy of any kind. Being able to use it on dogs is a blessing and one I’m grateful to be able to offer.

I treat dogs from all walks of life:

  • Sporting / agility / flyball – with hamstring and muscle injuries just as we humans can suffer from
  • The elderly dog – arthitic, stiffness in legs / neck / back
  • The show dog – where flexibility in the coat and muscles can effect movement in the ring
  • The family pet – bonkers, running around, ball chasing, slipping on floors…. All can cause an injury or two 🙂

Additional Training

  • Skills Review 1- Canine Massage Therapy Centre
  • Facilitated Stretching - Canine Massage Therapy Centre
  • Understanding Canine Language and Aggression – DogzAloud Training Centre
  • Planned:
  • Canine body language by Chirag Patel January 2018
  • Skills Review 2 – Canine Massage Therapy Centre   tba
  • The Ventral Aspect – Canine Massage Therapy Centre   tba

Work with Helen Clarke of 3 Counties Canine Massage Centre in presenting a Beginners workshop for Canine Massage  March 2018