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Melanie Merritt

Canis Major Canine Massage Therapy

Address: Hatfield Peverel, Essex

Tel: 07841 472082



About the Therapist

Hi, I’m Mel and I run Canis Major Canine Massage Therapy, I am based in Essex and I offer Canine Massage at your home address. As well as covering the whole of Essex, I am able to travel to East London and further into London for your convenience. I am also able to travel into Suffolk.

I have 3 rescue Newfoundland dogs and have been owned by the breed for 15 years. Newfies are a wonderful working breed and I train with my dogs to take part in Water Rescue, Carting, Nosework & Obedience events. I am an active member of the Working Newfoundland Club of Great Britain and I spend a great deal of time soggy, hairy and covered in slobber! I have a huge amount of experience with big dogs and my gang are especially keen on massage, I have found it to be such a useful tool for maintaining their working abilities and keeping them in top physical condition so they can enjoy life. Newfoundland’s, like so many Giant breeds have a propensity for certain conditions such as Cruciate problems and Hip Dysplasia, all three of my dogs have various problems but I am so lucky to be able to maintain their health using Massage Therapy. They are able to continue with an active and happy life and I am able to help them to do this.


I charge £35 per Massage treatment – additional travel costs may apply for some areas, this will be agreed prior to the treatment. (Please call or email me for further information)