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Michelle Corrigan

Clinical Canine Massage Lancashire

Address: 26 Almond Drive, Coppull, Chorley, Lancs

Tel: 07572 317229


About the Therapist

Hello! I’m Michelle, and I run Clinical Canine Massage Lancashire. I cover Chorley, Wigan, Bolton and surrounding areas. Being animal mad, it was no surprise that I chose to study Zoology at university and spent the next 10 teaching A-level biology.

During this time my dog Bella, had become reluctant to run and twitched her back when I stroked her. Vets ruled out various orthopaedic condition but no diagnoses. Then a chance meeting with a canine massage therapist, educated me to the fantastic benefits of massage. After three massage sessions, Bella went from couch potato to running about on walks. I was so impressed I needed to know more!

I quickly realised that massage was a powerful science based complementary therapy, that rehabilitates soft tissue injuries, provides pain management for orthopaedic conditions, and maximises athletic performance. The thought of improving dogs’ well-being through drug-free treatment had me convinced – I had to be a clinical canine massage therapist!

Dogs have been the focus of my life for many years. After teaching I set up a dog walking services and trained with dog behaviourist eventual began team teach the obedience classes. Walking/handling many different breeds gave me fantastic opportunity to learn lots of breed traits and manage their behaviour effectively. I enjoy agility and trick training in spare time.

Thank you for reading this post and considering massage. Just by doing this, I know you love your dog very much and want the best for them! Please phone or email me and we can discuss how massage can help your dogs specific needs.


Costs are £35 per session. For home visits a small travelling cost may be incurred depending on location


Michelle was brilliant with our dog who suffers from lower back stiffness. A1. We saw a huge improvement in her mobility. Michelle was very calming and patient with Chance even when she was wanting to move around. Chance was really relaxed and formed a lovely bond with Michelle.

Mr D Hamill

Michelle was great. Ole is a nervous dog but Michelle made her feel at ease. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis we opted to try the canine massage and could see a difference after the first session, the improvement in her mobility was great to see.

Ms J Bond

If you have any reason to think your dog might be feeling some mobility discomfort, book yourself in with Michelle... she is thorough and patient; her calm manner really helps puts dogs at ease as she methodically works through niggles and tenderness. Michelle has worked on two of my dogs and identified muscle strains that I was unaware of... after a few sessions I could see positive changes in their gaits... knowing that they are pain-free and able to bomb around freely is just wonderful! Highly recommended

Miss R Smith