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Mo Poole

Canine Strides Massage Therapy


Covering: Northumberland and North Tyneside (mobile service)

Tel: 07590 992 964, 01669 650 024

Facebook: CanineStridesMassageTherapy

About the Therapist

My name is Mo Poole and I own Canine Strides Massage Therapy.  I live in the beautiful Coquet Valley, on the edge of the Northumberland National Park.  Rural communities in Northumberland are scattered so I offer a mobile service.

I have had dogs all my life.  My current dogs are a Hungarian wirehaired vizsla and a Rhodesian ridgeback.  Since 2006, I have been an assistant at puppy and pet dog training classes.  I love working with dogs and their families, helping them to build on their relationships through training.  Now as a masseuse, I look forward to being able to help bring about improvements in the mobilty and general wellbeing of the dogs I see.

Inspired by a one-day beginner’s workshop, I have trained for two years with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre, covering four disciplines of massage - Swedish, sports, deep tissue and myofascial release - coupled with an in depth study of canine anatomy and physiology.  I specialise in treating soft tissue and muscular injuries.  Massage is also very good for pain management, offering support for common orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis and hip/elbow dysplasia.

Massage is suitable for dogs of all ages and activity levels.  It offers drug-free pain relief, easing tight, painful muscles, improving circulation and coat condition and leading to better elasticity and flexibility of the muscles.  Results can be seen in between just one and three sessions.  It’s not just the athletes that suffer injuries.  Everyday activities like going up and down stairs, walking on slippery floors, rough play with other dogs or ball chasing can all put a strain on the dog’s muscles.  If you’ve noticed your dog slowing down, moving more stiffly, limping or even if he’s just lost that sparkle, chances are that he’d benefit from massage therapy.

I’d be happy to help.  If you’d like to know more, just give me a call.


£35 per treatment, travel costs may also be incurred.


Meg responded very well to the massage. Mo’s careful handling meant she was perfectly at ease and never stressed. I only wish I had learned of the benefits of canine massage sooner.

What an improvement! Mo was great with her. Molly is back to her old self, better than she has been for ages, managing to go up and down stairs, moving more easily. She is now initiating play, which she had stopped doing. I would definitely recommend massage.

Tybalt is extremely nervous and suspicious. Mo handled him with care, kindness and confidence. I was pleased with how quickly he settled. Much less bunnyhopping now.

Sadie enjoyed the massage and is now more relaxed and more flexible. It has helped in her recovery from surgery. Mo was very gentle and professional