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Penny Warren

Penny Warren

Penny Warren canine massage



Areas covered: Bristol, Bath, Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead, Weston Super Mare, North Somerset


Tel: 07920 482645


About the Therapist

Hi,  I'm Penny Warren and I am based in Bristol and cover not only Bristol but surrounding areas. I have been involved with dogs my entire life and currently share my life not only with my partner James but also our 6 border collies 5 of whom are rescues.  Some arrived with a variety of issues which through time and patience we have managed to overcome most of them.

I regularly compete at agility and have done for many years now which is how I became interested in massage therapy. I became interested in canine massage when I was at an agility show and met Natalie Lenton. She palpated Bob my old boy and found many issues, some that I knew had been there from previous injuries and others that he had been compensating for and showed no obvious signs. I then researched canine massage and began to realise how massage can benefit my dogs. I went on a massage workshop and that then confirmed for me that I was on the right path. Now that I have completed the Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma I haven`t looked back.  I remain as passionate about the benefits of canine massage therapy as I was when I started.


Libby our 6yr old yellow Labrador was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her hips last year. She started showing weakness in her hind legs/hips 2 years ago making it difficult for her to go for walks and get the exercise she needs. We tried numerous things to help her including lead walks, frequent rest, anti-inflammatories,  supplements, and a special diet from the vet all of which have helped to manage the pain.

We were given Penny's number through a friend and after seeking advice from our vet, who assured us that anything was worth trying, we were happy to proceed with the massage therapy that Penny was offering.

Libby was unsure at first but soon got used to the weekly visits from Penny and became putty in her hands pretty quickly! Over the space of about 6 weeks, Libby has shown a vast improvement in her mobility.

Whereas she used to be extremely stiff and sore when getting up from the floor or after coming back from a walk, she is now a lot less inclined to limp and her general demeanour is far happier than before. After speaking to our vet, I would recommend the massage to anyone looking for something to at least relieve some of the discomfort dogs can feel with such ailments as Arthritis. Although there is no cure, we can do so much to help our beloved pets. Penny is fantastic with Libby and seems to know just exactly how to deal with her in order to make it as stress free a process as possible and to put her at ease.

Laura and Libby