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Rachael Reid

Kernow K9 Clinical Massage Therapy


Address: Camborne, covering West & Mid Cornwall

Tel: 07473 929606

Facebook: KernowK9ClinicalMassageTherapy/

About the Therapist

Hello, my name is Rachael Reid and I live in Camborne Cornwall, with my partner Mike and our 3 collies Ollie, Tilly and Indy. I’ve owned dogs for 20 years, have competed in agility for 18 years and have recently become involved in Hoopers and Flyball.

I first came across Canine Massage about 5 years ago when Ollie had a free muscular health check from a guild member at an agility show, as he seemed uncomfortable when jumping and had knocked several jump poles. Ollie then went on to have 3 full massage sessions and I was astounded by the improvements that I saw, so much so, that I signed up for a one day massage course run by the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. Having seen first-hand with Ollie, the improvements I could make with this small amount of knowledge, I realised that I wanted to be able to help other dogs as well, and have since completed the 2 year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioners Course.

Massage therapy promotes rehabilitation for muscular injury, provides effective pain management, and is suitable for sporting, working and pet dogs of all ages.


£30 per session within 20 miles of my home. Appointments over 20 miles will incur an additional travel charge.


Emma and Archie (Collie).

Archie has periods of intermittent lameness. After massage with Rachael there is an improvement in his range of movement and his gait more fluid. Archie enjoyed his sessions with Rachael who was calm, considerate and focused during the treatments giving Archie space when he needed it.

Sharon and George (SBT)

George 10 suffers with arthritis in his front legs and has shown signs of slowing down recently. I was interested to see if massage would improve his range of movement and make him more comfortable. Rachael was very patient with George helping him settle during the treatments. Since the massage George has been happier in himself and has even had a little run on our walks.

Lyndsey and Ellie (Labrador)

Ellie had cruciate repair surgery on her right knee and has since been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia in her left hip. Following 3 treatments this is what her owners had to say

Just thought I would give you an update on Ellie. I am pleased to say she has been brilliant, we have done a couple of short lead walks then yesterday we went for the longest lead walk she has done since her diagnosis and she had no reaction. I was expecting some stiffness or a limp but nothing. I have also noticed that her sit has improved. The left leg is a lot closer to her body rather than being out straight and we also thought she was walking better. All in all I think the massage has really helped she seems so much freer in her movement and livelier in herself. She is so much happier, it's lovely too see. Thank you for your help