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Rosie Jackson

Severn Valley Canine Massage



Areas Covered: Malvern, Worcester and surrounding area

Tel: 07935 077552



About the Therapist

My name is Rosie Jackson, I live in the Countryside with my partner, collie cross Sprocket and our Amazon Parrot Mango. I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse and fully qualified Canine Massage Practitioner. I completed my BSc (Hons) degree in Veterinary Nursing Science in 2015, this included in depth Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition and Animal Behavior studies. I have worked in Veterinary practice since 2012, with a large portion of this in Orthopedic practice.

I developed a passion for canine massage when working in an Orthopaedic veterinary practice. After having regular Massage treatments for my own muscular injuries due to long distance running, I soon realised this was a skill the dogs I saw in practice could massively benefit from. I have not looked back since training as a Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner and love seeing how my canine clients improve over the course of treatment, giving them a new lease of life!

I am available for Clinics at The Stocks Vets in Upton- Upon- Severn, I am also more than happy to treat your dog in your home. I am available in Malvern, Worcester and surrounding areas. Any traveling out of a 15 mile radius may incur extra charge, this can be discussed at the time of booking.

If you are unsure if Massage is right for your dog, get in touch for an informal chat, we would love to hear from you. Take a look at my website or facebook page for more information.




EADIE is a Golden retriever who was struggling with lameness 1 year post bilateral TPLO surgery.

"I hadn't heard of massage before and were hopeful to relieve any pain she had in her back legs. I thought Rosie was wonderful handling Eadie, Eadie is quite a nervous dog but warmed well to Rosie. She was very patient and reassured Eadie all the time. I was very happy to hand Eadie over to Rosie who was extremely professional at all times. The following day Eadie was fulk of energy and no signs of pain. We will arrange for Eadie to have further massages with Rosie as we feel they have helped greatly."

MERLOT is a 14 year old Black Labrador with Chronic Osteoarthritis.

"Merlot seemed a bit reluctant at first, but he soon co- operated and by the second and third session he was well chilled. At the end of the third one Merlot was asleep. You were patient with Merlot and handled him very well, lots of gentleness. After sessions 2 and 3 Merlot was walking better. There has been an improvement in Merlot's general demenour- recovered his appetite for breakfast, and more interested in coming out with us."

BODIE- Large cross breed who had chronic shoulder issues and back issues.

"I was hopeful for Bodie as I have treatment myself and was already aware of the benefits. Rosie was Fantastic! She read and understood my dogs body language perfectly! Gave him a break if he asked and she understood just how much pain he was in! To start off with he was shaped like a banana. He straightened up and was happier in himself. Cannot wait to see again."