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Sarah Kitching

Sarah Kitching

Highfield Canine Massage Therapy

Areas covered: North East & Durham, based in Thornley

Tel: 07881 813347


About the Therapist

My name is Sarah Kitching and I own and run Highfield Canine Massage. I specialise in the canine muscular system and its associated injuries. I wanted to complete the Canine massage Diploma to enable me to peruse a new and satisfying career in a field that I love and have been involved in since being a youngster - DOGS.

I own a whole pack of border collies and among them have been several ailments, giving me a broad spectrum of experience. I had a dog who suffered with gathering or measuring before agility obstacles, another with spondylosis, and currently have a one who has suffered a cruciate ligament tear and one with hip dysplasia. All of which I believe I can now help and support with my new skills.

I am best known in the agility world, I have competed with my dogs since 1999 and from that time had a very successful career with several of my dogs. I have been to Crufts, Olympia, The Highland Final, invited to the European Open and won many Championship classes with 3 different dogs. As I compete at an intensive level in agility I understand how important it is for ANY working dog to be in peak condition for each competition.


Fidget responds really well to her massages from Sarah, she seems so full of life afterwards and keen to work rather than reluctant, she even jumps on the bed!

Tracey Wilson

Would recommend this to anyone, 2 of my dogs were treated last week thoroughly enjoyed it. Great info from Sarah of what was happening, other two booked in this weekend.

Mary Newton

Dizzy appeared to really enjoy her session, I've never known her be still for that long! She looked looser and appeared to be moving more freely after just the one session.

Tracy Matheson-Smith