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Sarah Symonds

Sarah Symonds

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Areas covered: West Cambridgeshire, East Bedfordshire and East Northamptonshire

Address: Little Paxton, St Neots, Cambridgeshire


Tel: 01480 374670


About the Therapist

My name is Sarah Symonds and I run Your Dog’s Life offering therapeutic canine massage to support your dog’s health.

Having run a busy advanced clinical massage practice for humans for over 11 years I know exceptionally well the powerful impact that massage can have in reducing pain and supporting rehabilitation from muscular and soft tissue injury.

And this is certainly no different for our dogs who likewise can benefit profoundly from the effects of massage and soft tissue work.

The techniques I use help to ease tight muscles and fascia, release trigger points and other adhesions that can cause referred pain and help the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. In addition massage can support the management of orthopaedic conditions such as Arthritis, Elbow and Hip Dysplasia as well as help dogs suffering from anxiety and stress.

Using the disciplines of Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue massage and Swedish Massage my aim is to improve the mobility and general health of your dog whatever the breed, size or age and whether they are a pet dog, agility dog, working dog, show dog or just maturing in age they are all welcome into my hands.

I have had pet dogs all my life and my current challenge is a boisterous 3 year old White German Shepherd called Angel who loves agility and certainly keeps me on my toes!

(Your Dog’s Life is a division of Nature’s Assistance Ltd)


My charges are £35 per hourly session and where I offer home visits a small travelling cost may be incurred depending on location.