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Massage for dog with degenerative Joint disease

Degenerative Joint Disease – Case Study

How massage helped Bobby Canine massage therapy is an effective treatment for muscular issues in dogs such as tears in the muscle otherwise known as muscular strains. It can also help to support the management of long term orthopaedic conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia or arthritis. Below, Canine Massage Therapist, Sam Axtell explains how canine massage helped […]

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dog with arthritis

So Your Dog Has Arthritis. Don’t Panic. It’s Not A Death Sentence!!

So Your Dog Has Arthritis. Don’t Panic. It’s Not A Death Sentence!! Many, many dogs are diagnosed with arthritis. Owners are often left feeling very upset and worried about what is yet to come. However, dogs often live long, happy and otherwise healthy lives with the condition. So here I am going to talk about […]

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stretching your dog

And 1, 2, 3 stretch – the benefits of stretching to assist injury rehabilitation in dogs

You may have noticed that when your dog first wakes up, natural instinct takes over and they have a good stretch. You may have even noticed yourself doing this. Recently I have had great success in using stretching as part of a programme to treat injured dogs. But what is stretching, why does it work […]

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