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Zoe Manterfield

The Fairy Dogmother Canine Massage Therapy

Areas Covered: Suffolk, North Essex, South Norfolk

Tel: 07764 801681

About the Therapist

Hi, my name is Zoe and I live in Sudbury, Suffolk with my partner, Matthew and our five Siberian Huskies.  We compete in dryland husky racing competitions throughout the winter with our girls and continue to train with them throughout the remainder of the year, weather permitting.  All of my girls have very different personalities and characteristics and each one has brought us a new challenge from extremely fussy eating, combating skin conditions and tackling separation anxiety.  
The majority of my working life has been spent in various roles with South Yorkshire and Essex Police.  However, in 2015, I decided it was time for a change and set up a dog walking and pet sitting service in my local area.  I became interested in canine massage after Eska received a muscular injury to her shoulder in 2014.  It took Eska at least six months to recover from this muscle strain with extremely limited exercise.  I began researching ways in which I could prevent injuries occurring in the future and came across the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.  I attended a one day workshop for sporting dogs and it was brilliant so I decided to enrol onto the two year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme. 

Clinical canine massage therapy promotes rehabilitation for soft tissues and muscular injuries and provides effective pain relief for orthopaedic conditions. Active, younger and sporting dogs will benefit from maintenance massages to prevent injury and senior dogs will feel the advantages of massage treatments to relieve pain, soreness and stiffness.


Initial treatment £35, subsequent treatments £30. Appointments outside of 15 miles of Sudbury, Suffolk will incur a small fuel charge


Murphy, my twelve year old Labrador has been slowing down for a few years and struggling on his back legs. After three weekly sessions, we are now enjoying longer walks and Murphy is playing with other dogs we meet out. Zoe was very information, polite and professional and Murphy took to her very quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Zoe.

Fiona and Murphy, Sudbury, Suffolk


Zoe handled Wispa very well, she had a calm and soothing effect on her and Wispa became more relaxed, settled and trusted Zoe. After three weekly sessions, I have a different dog! Wispa wants to play and interacts with my other dogs in games, she is energetic and suppler, her stride has lengthened and she can stretch! What an amazing turnaround, I am so pleased!

Mary and Wispa, Wethersfield, Essex


Diesel has been stiff for some time. Zoe was very patient with Diesel and always ensured he was comfortable, she also advised some things I can do around the house to make life a bit easier for Diesel. He is now enjoying his walks and no longer stiff!

Debs and Diesel, Sudbury, Suffolk