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The Integrated Veterinary Care Initiative and Your Practice

The Integrated Veterinary Care Initiative (IVCI) is a resource that demonstrates how clinical canine massage, a science-based complementary therapy, can give integrative, progressive veterinary practices a significant competitive edge.

Educational Resources

To make it easy for you to recommend clinical canine massage to your clients we have produced a 16-page educational brochure as well as a consultation aid on clinical canine massage therapy as practiced by Canine Massage Guild qualified therapists. The brochure details the educational and professional standards of our practitioners as well as their continuing professional development requirements, code of ethics and conduct.

You can follow this link (link to therapist register) to find Canine Massage Guild therapists near you who would be very pleased to come and give an informal ‘lunch n’ learn’ talk or a more formal presentation at your practice.

Working Together

As a multi-modal team, together we can give canine patients the optimum opportunities for recovery. Our therapists abide by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemptions Order 2015 and never work on an animal without veterinary consent. In addition, they also provide written feedback to you for continuity of client care. And as reassurance for your clients, if their dog doesn’t respond within three therapy sessions treatment will be discontinued to avoid any unnecessary expense, although we aim to provide affordable, ethical treatment for all dogs with results in one to three sessions.

What Next?

Request your 16-page Integrated Veterinary Care Initiative brochure and consultation aid which have been produced specifically for veterinarians. Please complete the enquiry form and select to receive your pack by post or email.

Published Research

Through 2018-2019 Sparsholt and Winchester Universities are carrying out clinical trials on our clinical canine massage therapy with particular focus on the Lenton Method® which incorporates a systematic and scientific method of advanced palpation skills to isolate the muscles and fascia for assessment and a unique set of direct myofascial release techniques that rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries and provide chronic pain management for orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Research results, papers and conferences will be published on this page at a later date. Click here for further information in the Vet Times.


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