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Benefits of Massage

Clinical Canine Massage Therapy is unique to members of the Canine Massage Guild and typically sees results in 1-3 sessions. Treatment is based on an ethical, client focussed approach and integrates 4 disciplines of massage with the exclusive Lenton Method®.

Clinical Canine Massage is used for chronic pain management, soft tissue injury rehabilitation and prevention, and supporting dogs with orthopaedic and neurological conditions and complements your veterinary care.

Clinical therapists can assess for orthopaedic and neurological conditions, allowing dogs to be speedily referred back to your vet if required. Therapists will also provide you with a sensible home care plans to help you support your dog at home.

Just like human massage, dog massage works so well because it is able to resolve soft tissue and muscular problems.

In dogs Trigger Points, tightening and shortening of muscles and areas of overcompensation often make a dog old before their time. We acknowledge that you know your dog better than anyone so no matter how small or big their issue is or perhaps you want to bring your dog along as a pre-emptive measure, we are here to help.

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If you see any of these issues then we can guarantee your dog will undoubtedly benefit from a Clinical Canine Massage!

  • Stiffness
  • Soreness
  • Unable to go up / down stairs
  • Unable to get in / out of car
  • Mobility issues
  • Lost their ‘sparkle’
  • Depressed
  • Posture changes
  • Coat changes
  • Uneven nail wear
  • Twitching of skin
  • Old before their time
  • Unwilling on walks
  • Back / Neck / Hip issues
  • Poor agility performance eg: weave entry, measuring, knocking poles

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Clinical Canine Massage aims to resolve or support issues in just 1-3 sessions often delivering outstanding results that surprise both owners and other professionals alike. Quite simply there is nothing quite like it.

It may be that your dog is on long-term medication or has not responded as well as you had hoped to other forms of bodywork, exercise therapy or pain management and you don't know where else to turn. That's where the Canine Massage Guild can help. Our Therapists are trained in 4 Disciplines of Massage to help turn your dog's life around.

  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Supports orthopaedic conditions like Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patella and Spondylosis
  • Resolves or improves lameness
  • Improves circulation and coat
  • Reduces and remodels inhibiting scar tissue
  • Relief from chronic muscular issues often overlooked by traditional veterinary care
  • Releases trigger points and areas of spasm
  • Improves Agility / Obedience / Flyball Performance Significantly
  • Breaks down knots and adhesions which inhibit movement
  • Resolves gait irregularities
  • Emotionally and psychologically ‘lifts’ the dog
  • Non-invasive pain relief
  • Decreases fatigue and malaise
  • Alleviates age related disorders
  • Faster recovery from injury and operations


You won't believe the difference a massage can make!

Contact your local Canine Massage Therapist Today; it may just be the best thing you ever did to help your dog's quality of life! Click here to find your local Therapist.